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Laura & Emmanuel 

A Multicultural Family Committed to Change. 

We are a multiracial family and Tigernuts fanatics. We love to serve others and hope to drive change in small communities around the globe. 

Our story is a little different. We started out by giving back to the community where our family farm is located in Ghana, bringing books, pens, pencils and treats for all. This was never enough. 

Together we came to realize, if we wanted to evoke change in the lives of these villages it would come from providing opportunity. 

Engagement, Employment and Empowerment are core values we share with the village communities around our farm.

To achieve this, TigerNuts World owns the entire supply chain. From the farm to your table, we ensure the best quality product and we are able to measure our impact on the community.


Benefits of TigerNuts:

Step 1:

Giving Back

In July 2008 Laura and I embarked on a life-transforming journey that took us to Attakura No.1, a remote village in the Ashanti region of Ghana. As Educationists, we both believe in the power of educating 'any child' as dreams are universal!. This village had the only primary school in the area with over 140 students accessing a 4 classroom block facility for all of KG 1 through to grade 6. So we partnered with the village to support their efforts in educating the children around the community. 

Step 2:

Building a School.

Providing education to children is crucial for their future, and every effort to support it is commendable. By using our profits to fund education, we are not only helping a child receive an education but also creating a sustainable model for supporting education in the long run.

Education is one of the most powerful tools for empowering people, reducing poverty, and promoting economic growth. Access to education can open up new opportunities and help break the cycle of poverty. By supporting education through the sale of bags, you are making a positive impact on the lives of children and their families.

It's essential to ensure that the education being provided is of high quality and that the children are receiving the resources they need to succeed. It's also important to ensure that the children have access to education that is inclusive and equitable, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Overall, supporting education through initiatives such as selling our tigernuts is a great way to make a difference and help build a better future for children and communities.

Together with family, friends and the village Elders, we got basic classroom resources as pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, mathematical sets, story books, library resources, chalk, tables, chairs in addition to passion infused weekly soccer games. Then the excitement began, school became fun and we became part of this amazing community.

Step 3:

You Pay to Educate.

Since then we've partnered with the surrounding communities on several projects. We helped build a 2-bedroom facility for teachers, teamed up with the Ghanaian Association of London Ontario to build a clean community water borehole facility, and now engaging the small holder farmers to bring you one of nature's ancient and most nutrient packed root vegetables! 

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